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URSA delivers powerful telemetry data analytics for unmanned vehicles for the DoD and security industry.
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URSA integrates diverse sets of UAV system telemetry data within a single, vendor-agnostic analytics platform for the DoD and security industry.


the value

Parsing telemetry data is relatively easy. Now you need to make sense of that data, enrich it, and add accurate and relevant metadata.  And that is why you need URSA for UAV telemetry system data analysis.

URSA’s powerful analytics and classifiers enrich and translate your data into valuable metadata. This allows you to operate efficiently and with ultimate risk-reduction.


the problem

Vendors provide limited native analytics capabilities and there are numerous data silos. There is also a lack of cross-platform integrations.

Customers face financial, operational, and human risks associated with unmanned systems. The wide array of platforms in service today require support that is rapidly adaptable and evolving. They need end user and third-party plugins for input, data analytics, and visualization modules.


Operational risks lead to incident risks that create governance risks


How do we safely maximize the uptime and efficiency of our autonomous fleet?


Who is responsible for this threat and how do we stop it from happening again?


Are the systems complying with internal and government policies?


the solution

URSA delivers a universal integration layer for unmanned systems and associated sensors.

The URSA Platform validates the performance of unmanned systems and their associated sensor tracks, such as Counter-UAS platforms. We standardize telemetry data outputs from each system and sensor. Then we pull the data into a single location for forensics, intelligence analysis, and predictive maintenance. We deliver a software solution that enables users to run customizable analytics on demand for multiple systems built by multiple vendors.


The future

Big, small, complex, or simple. Marine, air, land, or space.

URSA can be deployed from anywhere – a secure cloud environment or a local machine. We are vendor agnostic, and currently focused on unmanned aircraft systems (UASs). We are also building standardized telemetry data analytics infrastructure that will support all heterogenous autonomous fleets.


who we are

URSA, Inc. is a New Hampshire based startup delivering the authoritative data visualization and intelligence platform for unmanned systems.  We are a portfolio company of the Techstars ’18 Autonomous Technology Accelerator run in partnership with the U.S. Air Force.

URSA received a SBIR Phase II grant to support UAV forensics and intelligence for the United States Air Force (USAF) Counter-UAS mission. URSA provides backend telemetry log analysis via a SaaS platform for commercial customers.

David Kovar, our CEO and founder, established the practice of drone forensics and brings 20 years of cyber security experience and systems analysis experience. He is a manned and unmanned aircraft pilot and a frequent speaker at industry events.

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