Understanding CUAS – CUAS Test & Evaluation and CUAS Forensics

Understanding CUAS – CUAS Test & Evaluation and CUAS Forensics

The Global Drone Security Network (GDSN) is the only event of its kind focusing on Cyber-UAV security, Drone Threat Intelligence, Counter-UAS, and UTM security.

GDSN#3 is featured with speakers from various background. Speakers currently work within drone bug bounty programs, counter-uas operations, threat intelligence, first responders, physical security guards, laws and regulations and more.

Does the counter UAS system you bought work? Does it actually solve your problem? If a CUAS shoots down a criminal’s drone, do you know how to collect and analyze evidence from it? Understanding how CUAS systems do, and do not work is critical for anyone seeking to validate their behavior – for test & evaluation or for forensics. We will cover data sources, data generation and collection, and analysis in this presentation.

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