CUAS T&E – URSA’s Journey

CUAS T&E – URSA’s Journey

First through Techstars/AFWERX ’18 and then using SBIR grants, revenue, and private investments URSA started developing a commercially viable unmanned systems telemetry analysis platform in 2018. That core functionality – telemetry analysis – underpins everything we do, including:

  • Our commercial SAAS platform that acts as the back end for several UAV flight/fleet management projects
  • FAA contracts exploring the interaction between manned and unmanned vehicles
  • Investigative support for local law enforcement agencies utilizing their CUAS data

We recently deployed the platform in support of a counter UAS test and evaluation exercise. (Our experience and lessons learned are well documented elsewhere in this series.)

We are actively working to apply those lessons learned to our platform.

  • Many of the manual steps – tagging, normalization, validation, and particularly analysis – will be partially or fully automated
  • We will incorporate human observations into the digital record to enhance validation and analysis
  • We will work with vendors to better support data ingestion through logs and through their API
  • We will support available C2 solutions such as Medusa and FAAD C2
  • We will take our prototype TSPI device and extend it to produce a definitive TSPI device for small UAS

There is much work to be done to catch up with the current state of CUAS test and evaluation. And the work will never cease – as UAS and CUAS evolve, and their testing regimes, so will URSA’s platform.

We look forward to this journey and to working with the community to ensure that UAS and CUAS are properly tested, evaluated, and audited.

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