URSA is engaging the TuckGO program at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business to explore potential expansion into the Gulf region with a specific focus on the UAE and Saudi Arabia. We are providing strategic guidance to the team of second year MBA students as they conduct external market research and in-country customer validation interviews ahead of delivering a comprehensive go-to-market report.

URSA will be traveling to Dubai in December for the final phase of interviews and reporting. We welcome any introductions to strategic contacts in the region ahead of our trip. We look forward to this unique opportunity to test our product-market fit in a region that would otherwise be inaccessible given our current scale.

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)

URSA is pleased to announce that we have joined the latest CDL-Atlantic cohort. CDL maximizes the equity value of seed-stage, science-based companies ahead of fundraising through focused mentorship around achieving near-term product and market objectives.

URSA is leveraging CDL Atlantic’s relationships in the unmanned underwater vehicle space to assess its potential as a component of URSA’s near-term growth strategy. We are also utilizing CDL’s relationships with the Canadian government and defense industry to continue growing our customer base for the core URSA platform.


URSA participated in an intensive three-day workshop hosted by Dcode in Washington DC.  Dcode is an organization that connects tech companies directly with opportunities to service the government market. We qualified five high-value opportunities with government clients and global defense contractors as a result of this workshop.  We anticipate a continued pipeline of validated leads through Dcode with the goal of expanding our reach in the government market.