Our year long development effort and partnership with MSAB bore fruit this week with the following announcement. We are very excited to see XRY Drone go on sale and even more excited to have the opportunity to build on and extend that platform to support law enforcement, military, insurance, and commercial investigators in their efforts to understand autonomous systems behavior.

MSAB, the global leader in mobile forensics solutions, announced the release of XRY Drone powered by URSA
Police, corrections agencies, border and military organizations are facing growing threats from drones being used for illegal activities. Drones are increasingly being used for surveillance, and to deliver payloads like drugs, weapons, mobile phones and even bombs.

XRY Drone, powered by URSA extracts and decodes data fast from the most popular consumer grade DJI drones. Questions such as who piloted these intercepted drones, for what purpose and where was it operated are answered.

XRY Drone powered by URSA is a powerful tool that investigators need to extract, decode and view data from recovered drones. The extracted drone data can be viewed, analyzed and reported to get actionable intelligence on flight paths, launch locations, images, video, operational logs and other critical data. Its proprietary file format ensures integrity in the chain of evidence. MSAB and URSA are actively researching and adding support for additional drone models.

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