The Power of UAV Forensics Combined with 3D Modeling

UAV forensics extracts a wealth of valuable data about UAVs, the flights they took, how the operator managed the UAV, and much more. Unfortunately, that information is often extremely dense and hard to comprehend quickly.

Our system is designed to overcome that hurdle through integration with other tools. Let’s use flight paths for example – what, exactly, was the UAV flying over, and at what height? We can inject a static model into reports and clients:


This is useful, but still limited. A more powerful representation is a fly-through 3D model such as the one produced by Eric Kant:

Forensic tools and processes extract the flight data and then 3D modeling presents it as a fly-through model. Further modeling can incorporate gimbal information from the UAV along with camera specifications to show exactly what the UAV could see at any moment in time.

Success depends on accurate data extraction and analysis along with the ability to allow end users to integrate our system with their tools, capabilities that are fundamental to our system. Together, vendor and users create powerful analytical tools.


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