UAV Forensics and Cybersecurity Presentation Collection

We are often asked for copies of the various presentations we’ve given over the years on UAV forensics and cybersecurity. Rather than emailing them out every time, we are posting them here for easy access. The material is offered with only one restriction – please do not use these materials without appropriate citations. We are starting to see some of this material in other firm’s training materials. Imitation is a form of flattery, but please be respectful.

UAV Forensics

  • 2015 Presentation – UAV Forensics – Video and PDF
  • 2016 Presentation – UAV Forensics – Video and PDF
  • 2017 Presentation – UAV Forensics for First Responders – Article and PDF
  • 2017 sUAS News Round Table – UAV Forensics and Data Security – Video
  • 2017 UAV Forensics Overview (best starting point) – PDF

UAV Cybersecurity

  • 2016 UAV and IoT Cybersecurity – PDF