The Problem
UAVs Create Risks


Operational risks lead to incident risks that create governance risks


How do we safely maximize the uptime and efficiency of our autonomous fleet?


Who is responsible for this threat and how do we stop it from happening again?


Are the systems complying with internal and government policies?

The Technology
One Common Operating Picture

URSA automatically connects previously separate silos of UAS, Counter-UAS, and sensor to deliver situational awareness at scale and enable mission success. The platform is vendor agnostic and based on an open architecture that enables integration with any data source that is required ranging from ADS-B data providers to radar solutions. Operators conduct analysis within a single environment with native reporting and alerting capabilities that facilitate timely detection and response activities.

The Technology
URSA Platform Architecture

URSA is designed as an open architecture platform. Each component is modular and supports any operating environment. URSA can be deployed on premises, on a standalone device, or in a secured cloud.

The Technology
URSA Kill Chain

URSA enhances UAS threat mitigation by layering our data science capabilities and UI on top of existing platforms to strengthen defensive capabilities from DETECT through TRACK.

URSA delivers unique UAS forensics and C-UAS data analytics to support ANALYZE and ATTRIBUTE.

Platform Features
A Flexible Solution For Any Environment

One Screen

A single pane of glass to view and analyze all UAS and CUAS ecosystem data.

Multiple Deployment Options

Flexible delivery capabilities support standalone deployments, mobile devices, and secure cloud instances hosted either by URSA or in your environment.

Insights from Day One

Vendor agnostic analytics paired with a big data heritage means that the URSA platform evolves and grows alongside your environment to provide actionable risk management from Day One.

Modular Architecture

Modular platform design allows for analytics, visualization, and data integration capabilities to be used individually or in unison within an environment.

Intuitive Design
Actionable Intelligence At Your Fingertips

URSA is designed to deliver value to users of all experience levels with built in capabilities that enable anybody to differentiate real threats from the noise.

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URSA Delivers Actionable Analytics For Managing UAS Risk