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THE core

URSA core engine is an expansive engine that takes in event data from devices and outputs powerful data insights. This is accomplished through three main components: extraction, data visualization and learning, and our front end UI.

URSA’s extraction engine can take telemetry data from any number of sources and will normalize and convert it to be used in our data systems.

Integration Libraries
Our visualization and learning system uses device event data, health and status data and applies machine learning to enrich and organize it. The engine rapidly adapts and can apply past learnings to new types of autonomous systems.

Valuable Insights
One car gives insights into all cars. Drones give insight into airplanes. Exposure to any type of autonomous system makes the engine more efficient, the machine learning more powerful, and the data set more valuable.

We unlock the power and value of billions of gigabytes of event data. Customers using the engine will turn data into powerful insights into systems behavior, such as flight profiling.
an intuitive ui
With URSAs intuitive UI, customers will use the engine to slice individual events out of big data to answer more complex questions. Our platform enables our customers to explore the data in pursuit of their own answers, capabilities many other solutions lack.
We bridge the incompatibilities that other analysis solutions have, creating rich data sets combined with flexible analytics for our customers.

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