Expansive Flexibility for Holistic UAV Behavior Analysis

Intuitive Design
Actionable Intelligence At Your Fingertips

URSA enables anyone – of all experience levels – to differentiate the real UAS threats from the noise.


Preliminary design for the URSA Lab concept.

Platform Features
A Flexible Solution For Any Environment
One Source

A single source for all UAS and CUAS ecosystem data and analysis.

Multiple Deployment Options

Flexible Delivery Capabilities Support:

  • Standalone deployments
  • Mobile Devices
  • Secure cloud instances hosted by URSA or in your environment

Insights from Day One

Analyze UAS data and identify and prioritize anomalous drone behavior out of the box. URSA’s Vendor agnostic analytics paired with big data and AI capabilities enable rapid access and understanding of any data that enters the URSA platform.

Modular Architecture

URSA’s Modular platform design allows for analytics, visualization, and data integration capabilities to be used individually or in unison within an environment.  URSA’s platform evolves and grows with your environment and your team to provide actionable risk management from day one.

the technology
Intuitive Data Science for Threat Mitigation
the technology
URSA Analytics Framework

URSA provides a vendor-agnostic platform to access, analyze, and visualize all unmanned and manned vehicle telemetry data.


URSA’s intuitive UI, machine learning, big data capabilities, and flexible platform enable immediate response and historical analysis within one easy to use system.

Without a clear understanding of your telemetry data, these risks and more will continue to pose a threat to your organization.

Risk Management is a Challenge
Incidence Risk

Latitude and longitude data can give you geographic boundaries but combined with the payload drop classifier it may be the difference between a package delivery of urgent medical supplies to a hospital or contraband delivery to a prison. The distinction is critical.

Operational Risk

Weather data, battery performance, and mission profiles are all interesting on their own. Combined using classifiers they tell operators and manufacturers how a UAV performs under a variety of conditions.

Governance Risk

Knowing the height of a drone and how often it went above 250 meters seems benign but when you include it with the time it may show a drone broke height and nighttime restrictions, both regulatory infractions.

URSA Platform Architecture

URSA is designed as an open architecture platform. Each component is modular and supports any operating environment. URSA can be deployed on premises, on a standalone device, or in a secured cloud.

  • Extend the URSA platform, as needed, by your team and/or with other vendors
  • Protect your intellectual property or sensitive analytics

  • Real-time Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Retrospective Investigation
  • Anomalous and malicious activity detection

  • Built-in and user-defined data classifiers
  • Statistical, machine learning, and AI analytics
  • At least 3 years volume of telemetry data

URSA Delivers Actionable Analytics For Managing UAS Risk

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