The URSA Platform

URSA Platform

URSA Core is a combination of five frameworks and the API that creates a complete suite of tools to generate the valuable metadata needed to reduce risk for your business and operations. If you have your own parameters or use the ones that are included, you will only be working with the most secure and accurate data.


At the center of it all, URSA Core is the powerhouse that translates your telemetry data into usable information. We aggregate, integrate, and standardize the data – polishing and putting it into a format that allows you to slice and dice the way you need it.


URSA is relentlessly solving, analyzing, and enriching telemetry data.


This translates to better decisions, better operations, and better risk management.

URSA Frameworks


Multiple options for query languages allow you to have the flexibility to get to a solution quickly.

• Elastic search QDSL
• URSA Query Language
• User-defined Query Language

URSA Input Framework

Vendor agnostic and any mode of unmanned vehicle from space to sea, the Input Framework can accommodate any platform you use.

• Air vehicles: DJI; Pixhawk; Yuneec; MQ-9
• Ground vehicles
• Marine
• Space
• User-defined telemetry

URSA Analytics Framework

Regulatory compliance or malicious actor identification, analytics alert you to the difference between friend or potential foe.

Payload deployment
• Threat assessment
• Anomaly Detection
• FAA Compliance
• Mission Profiling
• Geo fence violation
• Rollover detection
• User-defined

URSA Reporting Framework

Improving your business ROI or increasing mission effectiveness, reporting allows you to determine the next steps.

• Reports
• Failure
• Forensics
• Predictive maintenance
• Threat assessment
• Audit and compliance
• User-defined reports

URSA Exporting Framework

The format you need for the breakdown of your data – the way you see fit.

• User-defined Reports

URSA Visualization Framework

Different perspectives for all your input allow you to see the holistic view of your data for the big picture.

• Images
• Video
• 3D flight track
• Heat map
• 2D charts
• Data table
• Location maps
• User-defined visualization mode

URSA Dashboard

The URSA Dashboard is a suite of tools and systems designed to allow users to understand and draw conclusions from the behavior of unmanned vehicles. It enables users to:

  • Capture and extract information from any supported unmanned vehicle

  • Ingest that information into the URSA Parser

  • View and share that information in the URSA Dashboard

  • Create reports about individual and groups of flights

  • To fully experience the URSA Dashboard, the pieces can be tailored to each user.

Yes, I want a demo

URSA has the solutions available to help you improve your risk management today. Contact us to set up a demo and get started on safer and more secure business operations.

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