The URSA Analytics Framework

URSA Analytics

The inability to perform retrospective, real-time, and predictive telemetry analysis creates risks that can put your business and missions in jeopardy, as well as:

  • Failure to detect anomalies related to malicious activity

  • Reduction in operational effectiveness, and even loss of aircraft

The URSA Platform supports built-in and user-defined data classifiers that apply statistical, machine learning, and AI analytics to mass quantities of telemetry data.

From maintenance and performance data to regulatory and law enforcement infractions, the analytics can help determine parameters to assess and analyze retroactive, current, and predictive events.

The architecture allows the user to create custom classifiers and to combine them using Boolean logic. This:

  • Helps future proof their investment in URSA

  • Extends the platform on their own or with other vendors

  • Protect intellectual property or sensitive analytics

The URSA Platform, an unmanned systems telemetry analytics framework, is the solution

use cases


Latitude and longitude data can give you geographic boundaries but combined with the payload drop classifier it may be the difference between a package delivery of urgent medical supplies to a hospital or contraband delivery to a prison. The distinction is critical. 


Knowing the height of a drone and how often it went above 250 meters seems benign but when you include it with the time it may show a drone broke height and nighttime restrictions, both regulatory infractions.


Weather data, battery performance, and mission profiles are all interesting on their own. Combined using classifiers they tell operators and manufacturers how a UAV performs under a variety of conditions.


URSA is a vendor-agnostic window for accessing, analyzing, and visualizing all of your unmanned vehicle telemetry data for Commercial Unmanned Vehicle users. Full access to your data and the ability to analyze it in precise and transparent ways is the only means to ensure effective risk mitigation.  To empower unmanned system users to run their business in the most efficient and safe manner, URSA provides the following analytics:
URSA Built-in Classifier Plugins





Sensor Activity

Example of user-defined classifier plugins
Flight Profile

Landing and Takeoff Events

Payload Drop Detection

If a Flight Occurs at Night

Above Ground Level

Identifying Objects

Without a clear understanding of your telemetry data, these risks and more will continue to pose a threat to your organization.

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