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One Intuitive Platform for Comprehensive UAS Analysis

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The URSA Platform: Actionable Insight Into All UAS-based Risks and Threats

The URSA Platform provides the comprehensive, actionable, insights needed to investigate and address all anomalous UAS behavior.

Vendor agnostic, the URSA Platform accepts and standardizes volumes of telemetry data from any vendor, system and sensor, and simplifies multi-layered analysis of UAS activity.

  • Consolidate, standardize, and dissect volumes of telemetry data
  • Analyze all UAS behavior – independent of data source or type
  • Identify and prioritize UAS related threats and risks

Features and Benefits
The URSA Platform: A Centralized, Vendor Agnostic, Platform for Real-time Response

URSA’s customizable platform processes multi-source telemetry and geographical information systems (GIS) data and provides scalable, vendor-agnostic, data analytics.

Rapid pattern detection, data visualization, and automated reporting capabilities enable immediate risk and threat response and enable historical, evidentiary, court admissible, analysis.

Actionable Analytics

  • Real-time analysis
  • Predictive analytics
  • Customizable platform
  • Out of the box insights
  • Evidentiary post-incident review
  • All data types from multiple sensors and systems

Data Science

  • Augment the skills of human operators
  • Automate data standardization and normalization
  • Identify and prioritize threat patterns and risks
  • Improve detection and response
  • Multi-layered analysis of UAS and unmanned aircraft activity

User Experience

  • Intuitive analytics and visualizations
  • Easily tailored to users preferences
  • User-defined parameters
  • Reporting designed for clear communication with non-operator decision makers
  • Vendor agnostic

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One Solution for Both Government and Industry
Law Enforcement

Integrate drone threat data with physical security operations to protect the public, VIPs, and personnel

Identify & prevent deliveries of contraband into secure locations.

Analyze data from captured malicious UASs to determine historical activities.


Create a single, common operating picture of all relevant sensor, C-UAS, and 3rd party data

Define and Coordinate active threat detection and response

Identify likely hostile objects within specified geographic boundaries

Implement automated alerts for security personnel

Private Sector

Systematize historical flight pattern analysis

Identify, analyze, and monitor potentially malicious UAS activity

Compare flight logs against established parameters

Validate compliance with internal and external regulations

URSA Delivers Actionable Analytics For Managing UAS Risk

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